History of Clarkston SCAMP

Clarkston SCAMP was started in 1975 as the result of the diligence and hard work of Bob Brumback, a social worker and Director of Special Education in the Clarkston Community Schools district. The idea for the camp came from a similar one in Bloomfield Hills which Bob used as a springboard for his broader vision of keeping his kids local and including all disabilities rather than one main focus.

Bob had the full support of the school district and Mel Vaara as well as Lou Wint (Wint Funeral Home) and Eric Rickel (Oakland County Parks and Recreation).  They began with a small amount of seed money and lots of determination.  In the beginning, they did all the fundraising themselves but soon realized the enormity of the task. Thus North Oakland SCAMP Funding Corporation (NOSFC), a 501c3, was born.  NOSFC began hosting fundraising events and obtained grants and donations from the community to help pay for the camp.  They offered scholarships to those in financial need and continue with that mission today. No one has ever been turned away from SCAMP for financial reasons.

Throughout the years, SCAMP has weathered many storms from changes in state law, economic downturns, school regulations and most recently, COVID.  We have the support of our community and our school district as well as other organizations dedicated to the betterment of individuals with special needs. We are dedicated to continuing the legacy that Bob started so many years ago and believe that we add richness and support to the campers, their families and the staff who make this camp truly “A Special Camp for Special Kids”.